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About Us

The Pleasure Pantry is a small business based in sunny California. We aim to provide our customers with fun and excitement in the bedroom (or anywhere else they please).


Each month we put together and tailor a subscription box of adult novelties of your preferences and mail it discreetly to your door. Here at the Pleasure Pantry we are excited to provide our customers with more than just a Pleasure Pack each month but the element of surprise. Not sure what you're gonna get? Not sure how you're gonna play with it? Not sure if you're gonna wanna play with that again? Not sure if you are going to be able to STOP playing with it? 

As you can imagine this is very time consuming. However, we love to hear from our customers! Don't be afraid to get in touch via E-Mail or by our Contact Form. We love to discuss our products and to offer personal one on one service, and we love to get customer feedback on the products we sent.


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